So… this is blogging…

I decided to start blogging for a few reasons.

First, I was in the habit of writing a lot of notes on Facebook and figured I might as well start being semi-official about it (whatever that means, ha).

Secondly, I have too much time on my hands at the moment and have found myself staring at Facebook for hours upon end without anything even really happening and this seems like an at least mildly better use of my time.

Third, I used to journal religiously, but I’ve stopped doing that, and I want to get back into the habit in some form because I figure it’s probably good for me.

Fourth, I miss writing. For fun, that is. When I was younger I could write fiction and poetry and songs for hours upon end… I don’t do that anymore, because I tend to lack either the time or the inspiration or the motivation. Maybe if I start writing ANYTHING again the inspiration for creative stuff will come back… it’s a good thought, anyway!

I once had this goal to get something published by the time I graduated from high school. Despite my best aspirations sophomore year, somehow over the next two years I apparently lost my spark for being able to write fiction, or maybe it never really existed in the first place. I’m at least somewhat confident in my ability as a writer, but I’m not much of an ideas person. Looking back over the dozens of unfinished stories from the lovely homeschooled days when I had time for such things, sometimes I’ve been appalled that my younger self ever thought some of those ideas were worth writing, but there are a few rare gems that I wish I hadn’t abandoned, or that I could revive, or that I could at least match the creativity of once again.

Well this has so far been a whole slew of rambling about nothing… so allow me to explain the name for my blog.

I love the book of Ecclesiastes, because it’s so poetic and very different in content from anything else in the rest of the Bible — it looks at first glance like a very depressing, almost existentialist sort of book, but there is so much depth and beauty to it. One of my favorite verses is Ecclesiastes 3:11, which readsHe has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” And from there was born my title… I’ll get into my thoughts about that verse and why I love it so much later :-)

Well… I suppose that’s about it for now. I can’t promise that anything that follows will be profound or thought-provoking or even interesting, but hey, it’s better than wasting my life on Facebook right?
So… this is blogging…

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