Right now, I…

…should be writing notes on Calvin or putting the finishing touches on my paper.

…have succeeded in putting both off all day.

…keep getting confused about what day it is.

…blame Mid Rags and Torrey Conference for that.

…am quite unsure as to whether I am going to stay up to accomplish what I need to or go to sleep and wake up early.

…know that if I plan to wake up early, I won’t actually do so.

…have only gotten 9 of 30 chapel credits finished so far this semester.

…have realized while checking that number that the good chapel accountability people spelled Tremper Longman’s first name incorrectly.

…am hoping I remember to turn in my timecard tomorrow and pick up lecture recording equipment on Friday.

…am also hoping I’ll remember that I’m supposed to record the Torrey Hermeneutics Conference on Saturday morning.

…do not quite know why I’m voluntarily spending a perfectly good Saturday morning sitting through that thing again, even if I am getting paid for it.

…am wearing incredibly comfy Biola logo sweats on my roomie’s incredibly comfy couch with an incredibly comfy, bright turquoise, microfiber blanket.

…want Chipotle.

…am happy I have a fish.

…wonder if that girl who was giving away her turtles is going to get back to me about them.

…should probably stop now.
Right now, I…

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