Well this is just sad

I could really care less that it’s Halloween. I didn’t grow up celebrating it, so missing out on parties or trick-or-treating is no big deal.

It is lame, however, that everybody else I know is doing something tonight, and I seem to have a hot date with my dorm room.

My roomie and suitemates are gone for the weekend and the day, respectively.

I don’t have any parties to go to.

I have no car to go get a free Chipotle burrito, and everybody I texted who has a car already has other plans.

Because of the World Series, there aren’t any new episodes of my favorite TV shows online that I can watch.

I don’t have any good movies laying around.

Chris is off to a party so I can’t spend the evening talking to him.

I don’t even have any homework to finish.


I need a car.
Well this is just sad

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