I accomplished next to nothing this weekend. I’m hoping that the fact that I’ve moved from my room to Common Grounds will help that. Now I have Michael Buble playing in the background and I am enveloped by the smell of coffee, which seems to create a much more pleasant environment for actually making a dent in my homework.

I do badly with due dates that I set for myself. I need accountability, or else things don’t get done.

I got rid of a bunch of stuff from Facebook today in hopes that going the way of the minimalist in that sense, at least, will help me avoid distraction. I’m going to do my best to avoid Facebook for excessive amounts of time (and by excessive, I mean any more time than it takes me to just respond to any communication rather than getting sucked into browsing aimlessly). And I’m going to try to blog more, which I’m sure is much better for me both intellectually and creatively.

A thought about Facebook which I had today, and which prompted me to get rid of things, is that anybody in my life who really matters already knows the information that I put up there, like my interests or summary about myself or whatever, and the people who don’t matter as much won’t really care. So I have no more applications (aside from Bumper Stickers, just because they’re entertaining to collect), and my Info section is significantly less, well, informative.

Anyhoo… I have work to do. Lots of work. I need to turn my internet off. So farewell for now. I must FOCUS!!!!


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