Late night talks

Late nights (and by late nights I mean the wee hours of the morning) of not getting things done are worth it when they occur because they were, instead, spent in good company with equally good conversation.

I needed that.

Not only was it an all-too-welcome break from my involuntary isolation all weekend (which had been paired with staring hopelessly and inspirationlessly at my list of things to do and the same sentence-that-would-go-no-further-on-the-page for too many hours), but it left me awake both physically and mentally so I am now able to produce decent, coherent thoughts. Finally.

Also… blogging feels much better than status updating. It’s much more of a release to say something of substance to no one than it is to say little for an audience.

God is so good in the small things right when I needed it.

Late night talks

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