My professor repeatedly reminds us that even though we meet in the computer lab, we’re not supposed to be on the computers for anything other than assignments. It really surprises me how many people blatantly ignore that. While the prof is lecturing they sit there clicking away at Facebook or whatever else… really, people?

For one thing, it’s hardly discreet. The prof may not be looking over our shoulders at our computer screens, but it’s pretty darn obvious who’s paying attention and who isn’t hearing a word of what he’s saying.

For another thing, it’s rude. Rude to the professor who’s investing his time to share his knowledge, rude to those of us who are trying to pay attention.

Finally, this isn’t high school anymore, where we take classes primarily just to graduate and get on with life. If you’re majoring in journalism, your journalism classes are preparing you for your future CAREER, and you really want to just blow it off browsing your friends’ profiles or trying to get your hands on a copy of Twilight? Not to mention you’re paying over 30 grand a year for these classes…

It’s time to grow up and start acting like adults. It’s really annoying to me when people treat college as a time to keep being irresponsible, even if it’s something as seemingly minor as not paying attention in class.


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