My but aren’t we special

I feel like we blogging sorts are a bit of our own secret society. I have 222 friends on Facebook, all of whom I talk to, but only a few of whom I talk to regularly. Here, however, I follow 10 blogs (2 of which aren’t really active), and have 8 followers, of whom there are only 3 that I know who actually read my blog.

None of us probably have very many readers, but we write anyway, because our thoughts are too many and too big to be contained within a Facebook or Twitter update. And there’s a small handful of us who are each other’s faithful readers.

It’s a bit funny, then. Those of us who follow each other’s blogs don’t necessarily see each other as often in person as some of our Facebook friends, but we probably see more depth to each other than our respective Facebook friends. 

Cheers to you, fellow blogging minority. 

My but aren’t we special

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