He hears

I’ve been struggling with the feeling that I don’t have any security in hope lately… because all the things I’ve hoped for the most have been torn away from me.

I’d been reading Hebrews the last week or so before I go to bed, but tonight I felt the need to read Psalms. I randomly opened to Psalm 25.

In that passage, I had previously circled the word “hope” multiple times.

I didn’t receive any particular revelations about everything that’s barraging me. But just happening to open up to a passage which highlights the very thing I’ve been wrestling with, and had been crying out to God about not 5 minutes earlier, was an extremely clear reminder that God is listening.

He knows my pain. He knows my weakness.

He didn’t choose to give me an answer, but He gave me that reminder. Exactly when I needed it.

This is still hard, the hardest thing I’ve dealt with in my life thus far. And I have a feeling it’s still going to be a long process. But even though God may be silent, He’s silently holding me.


He hears

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