I worry too much… hopefully…

I last heard from Chris over 6 hours ago, when his family was supposedly less than 2 hours from their cabin and just about to go out of range of cell service.

He said he’d call me once they got there and were all settled in. Given the snow, I expected that would take 3 hours or so, 3-and-a-half tops.

I started to get a little concerned when I hadn’t heard from him after 4 hours, so I called the number he gave me for the phone at their cabin. No answer.

The road from the nearest town, where he last texted me from, up to the cabin is a winding mountain road, covered with snow and ice this time of year, and there is no cell service anywhere between the last time I heard from him and the camp or at the camp.

If something bad happened… how would anybody, much less me, find out?

It’s going to be a restless night spent praying that I’m worrying over nothing, that there’s just something wrong with the phone at the cabin that prevented him from calling me or something like that… 

…Or that if something did happen… I’m not even sure what exactly to pray for…

God, please help me to rest in You…

I worry too much… hopefully…

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