**I’ve learned to rest, not be lazy, but to be still and to appreciate it.
**By the grace of God, I made it through a semester that was more difficult in every possible way than I would have ever expected.
**I’m more humbled and in awe of God’s grace than I ever have been before because of that semester.
**Some of my friendships have either started to dissolve or failed to develop, but that has made me so much more thankful for two incredible women in my life whom I hope to stay close to for a long, long time.
**I’m realizing how incredibly dependent I am on God, and He continues to prove that He knows me and my heart and my needs better than even I do in very small, but very real ways.
**I’m more thankful for small things.
**God is good, always.
**He has placed an amazing, wonderful, caring man after His own heart in my life who never ceases to be such a blessing to me. Through that relationship I’ve learned so much about myself, good things and bad things, and grown so much as a result.
**My family is growing up. That’s not without its rough parts, but comes with more good things than bad.
**So far, God has provided for me financially to be able to stay at Biola.
**God is continually teaching me to not lose my focus on His goodness even when everything else feels like it’s falling apart and when I feel at my weakest.

**There’s a bouquet of two dozen roses on my bookshelf from someone very special, and I can smell them every time I breathe.
**My music collection has expanded considerably to include some very good music that I’m not sure I would have ever discovered without people at Biola or Pandora.
**For the better part of the year, I live in a place where cold weather is unusual and palm trees are ubiquitous.
**I recently rediscovered my most comfortable sweater in the back of my closet.
**I learned to cook in my hot pot in my dorm.
**I may have conquered my fear of roller coasters.
**I was wrong last night, and I’ve rarely been happier to say that.
**I currently have a GPA of 3.941.
**I seem to have lost my ability to produce poems and hundreds of pages of fiction at will, but I’ve managed to blog fairly consistently, and I think this has been very good for me.

**I feel like I’ve grown this year more than any other year thus far. Looking back, I’m truly amazed to see how much has happened and how much work God has done in my life. Semper Soli Deo Gloria.


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