Unred (Or, Crisis Averted)


You’d think that alone would have clued me in to the fact that this quarter-ounce bottle of liquid was the wrong thing to spend $3 on. 

I meant well. I’m about to dye my hair red (light golden red brown, according to the bottle). I’d bought that tiny little bottle of hair dye additive thinking it would help keep my color from fading, since I’ve heard red fades easily. 

Somehow, I only saw the words “prevents fading” and not the line above that, which read “removes unwanted red hues.”

Somehow, it wasn’t until I added the required 15 drops to my already-mixed concoction of dye and developer and said mixture turned purple that I realized my mistake.

Not only, now, do I have a $3 bottle of additive I don’t need and can’t return, but I also ruined a perfectly good batch of dye.

On the plus side, I had an extra bottle of the dye anyway that I was going to use for touch-ups later, and I realized my mistake BEFORE I applied any of the mix to my hair.

I can’t even imagine how bad that would have been.

You’d think the cashier at the beauty supply store would have noticed that “one of these things is not like the other, one of these just doesn’t belong” while she was ringing me up and given me the heads-up.

Of course, you’d also think I would have noticed the name of the product in the first place.

Unred (Or, Crisis Averted)

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