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I was actually the first of anybody I know to get a Twitter account. However, I only got it because I wanted to use it to update my Facebook status, then quickly decided it was silly and deleted it. I swore never to start again.

My Intro to Convergence class, however, required me to get one so I can started tweeting newsworthy bits of information daily as a weeklong assignment. Upon discovering quite a few of my friends who now use Twitter, I’ve been entertaining the idea of keeping it even after the assignment is done.

I’m pretty sure that’ll be a short-lived train of thought, though. In the past few months, I’ve been limiting the number of statuses I post on Facebook because, quite frankly, most of what I had been posting was just attention-seeking and not much of anything that anybody but myself cared about. I maintain that as a reason why I don’t need or want a Twitter, but also, I have this thought…

In constantly updating about our lives, aren’t we a bit distracted from actually living?

I suppose you could argue that the same reasoning could apply to my blogging. But I blog for an entirely different purpose than I might have for Tweeting or Facebook updating. 

For one thing, I blog primarily for myself. I blog for the sake of keeping myself in the habit of writing. And I blog because it’s a much better outlet than status updates. I feel I’m more honest in my blogs than I ever was in updates, because I’m not really thinking about who’s reading it. I’m not writing with the expectation that anyone will read it, or with the intention of someone reading it.

Somewhat contradictorily, however, because I know that someone might be reading, I feel a bit of accountability when I write, and that’s a very good thing for me. When I first started blogging, I had a tendency to only write when I was venting about something. But then I realized that should anyone actually read this, I don’t want to portray myself as constantly depressed, because really, I’m a fairly happy person most of the time. By pushing myself to write no matter what mood I’m in, I add to the honesty of my blog. 

It also compels me to practice writing well. I am, by nature, a fairly good writer, but writing by hand in a journal, I’ve had the tendency to be sloppy. I also get to practice writing with my own voice (more honesty?) while still being mindful of an audience, which is something I’ve always struggled with. A few of my early entries were failed attempts to mimic someone else’s voice, but I’ve since abandoned that.

So here I am. I don’t plan to Tweet. I’m trying not to even Facebook anymore. To me, it seems that those things condense complex, beautiful, God-created human beings into an avatar and a brief profile. 

I want to be more than that. I am more than that.

iTweet, iBlog, iAm

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