We’ll call it a new month’s resolution

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, simply because I don’t usually think to. I do, however, get antsy for change on a fairly regular basis, and generally act on that by rearranging my room or buying a new pair of shoes or something else superficial.

I’m in the mood to make changes again, and this time I’m resolving to make a few healthy changes. Not big ones, but good ones. Therefore….

I will not procrastinate on homework.

I will either jog or do some kind of exercises for half an hour a day.

In addition to my regular reading before I go to bed, I’ll read a chapter of Psalms every morning.

I will minimize my junk food consumption.

I will eat healthier in general.

I will continue my one-hour-per-week-weekends-only rule on Facebook.

I will go to bed by 12:30am during the week.

I will read at least one chapter from C.S. Lewis per week.

I will, at least, scan the headlines of 3 major news sources every day.

* * *

And a few superficial changes just for good measure…

I will listen to more music.

I will dye my hair a more adventurous shade of red.

* * *

In the past, I’ve made similar resolutions and only ever managed to follow through with them for a month or two. I’m going to make sticky notes for these and strategically place them around my room so that they’re constantly guilt-tripping me into remembering.

We’ll call it a new month’s resolution

2 thoughts on “We’ll call it a new month’s resolution

  1. Speaking of which, I've been a terrible accountability partner and haven't asked you about Facebook, but mostly because you didn't respond to my first one. Seems like you're keeping up with it.Did you go to bed right after you posted this?

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