Photos of the day, and a short anecdote

At the bottom of “Caf Hill,” the curb in front of the baseball dugout is crumbling so that it forms a small ramp.

It’s a not-so-well-known, but well-loved Biola student pastime to roll apples down the hill so that they launch off the “ramp” into the ditch between the curb and the dugout.
(The idea is really to land the apples on the dugout roof, but that rarely happens.)
Vanessa had two apples that have been sitting on her desk for three weeks.
She absently asked what she should do with them.
I suggested, since we’ve been intending and forgetting for months to do so, that we join the ranks of the apple-rollers.
Much to our dismay, however, there was a Campus Safety patrol car parked at the top of the hill, and we suspected they might not look kindly on our intended form of amusement.
We realized, however, that the apples still smelled good, and thus the afternoon was redeemed.
The following pictures ensued.

(This is me trying to scan my ID card to get into our dorm… with it still in my back pocket. I was unsuccessful.)
Photos of the day, and a short anecdote

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