So, so good

Andrew Lloyd Webber apparently decided to write a sequel to Phantom of the Opera. As far as the plotline of the show, entitled “Love Never Dies,” my opinion is that it’s a pretty bad idea.

1. The man can’t write a decent story (the original was adapted from a book by French author Gaston Leroux written in the early 1900’s).

2. Phantom has one of those endings that is better left untouched. It destroys the mystique that’s so pivotal throughout the entire plot to actually answer the lingering questions left by the ending of the original play.

3. The “air” of the story of Phantom just seems so much more fitting to an opera house in France than to Coney Island, where the sequel is set.

However, despite my quibbles with the sequel, Webber is a fantastic composer, and my first impression of the the music from the show is, in a word, goosebumps.

I can’t stop listening to this:

So, so good

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