Standing between me and Spring Break:

Three books totaling roughly 444 pages    
One 600-800 word blog/essay rewrite                
Two new 600-800 word blogs/essays                
One 3,000-3,600 word paper                              
Four chapters of journalism                                
One 150-200 essay on a current event
One large group project                
Three responses to other essays.                          
Five shifts at three jobs totaling roughly 18 hours
Twenty-four hours of class time                               +
Next to no sleep or meals until then.

The majority of these things have to be accomplished by 5pm on Friday. It’s going to be a fairly miserable few days. After becoming overwhelmed enough to have a good breakdown this afternoon, I think I’ve shifted into forcing myself to only really be aware of what I’m working on in the moment, not everything that still needs to be done. Hopefully I can stay there.

And hopefully this will not be the time I finally have enough to pull me over the precipice of failure upon which I can’t seem to stop teetering.

Lord, give me grace…


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