2 years down, 1.5 to go

I feel like I have not experienced nearly enough California things in my time here. And by “not nearly enough,” I mean hardly anything. The following is my to-do list.

To do again/more often
The Getty at least once a semester (thus far: twice)
Disneyland at least once a month (thus far: three times)
The beach… any beach… (thus far: five times)
BJ’s (thus far: once.)
San Francisco (thus far: once)

To do. Period.
Downtown Fullerton
San Diego
See a play at the Pantages
Disney Music Hall
House of Blues
Hike to the Hollywood sign
Griffith Observatory
Go clubbing
Huntington Library gardens
Volunteer at Union Rescue Mission in Skid Row
Visit Biola’s original location at 6th and Hope
Balboa Island

I need a car. I need fellow adventurers.

2 years down, 1.5 to go

One thought on “2 years down, 1.5 to go

  1. I cannot offer a car, but most of those are on my to-do list as well.Also, you should add San Luis Obispo to that list. It's prettier than Monterey, in my opinion, and close to me.Maybe next year we can spend spring/Thanksgiving breaks in Colorado/the Central Coast. :)

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