Yesterday was filled with amazing people–sophomores and freshmen, familiar and new faces. It was filled with strings and washers and tennis balls and pens and paper and trash cans and pizza and sunburns. 

There was laughing and game playing and tree climbing and roof running and general rumpus and knocking cans off of people’s heads and getting engaged in exchange for a homemade truffle.

There were hours, many, many hours, in Sutherland in the dark, freshmen scattered throughout several classrooms. There were trips to Walmart, Panda Express, In-N-Out, CVS, and Del Taco (twice) at ungodly hours of the night. There was arguing over song lyrics, racing down the halls on a wheeled coat rack, playing piano in an empty auditorium, and watching The O.C. and a bizarre German movie about Nazi zombies.

There were four of us left keeping watch at 6:30am, nearly 20 hours from when we began, when the sun was rising and the longevity of the freshmen had officially surprised us.

There was memory reliving and memory making.

It was an excellent day.


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