While I did have a very productive shopping trip tonight (meaning everything I purchased was buy-one-get-one-free-or-pretty-darn-close), I did not find a pair of distressed denim shorts that quite fit what I was looking for.

Solution? Take a pair of jeans that I had already distressed a bit on my own, go at them a little more, and cut them off into shorts.

I was fairly proud of my handiwork after a good hour-and-a-half attacking the jeans with a cheese grater and a steak knife, but I decided to put an iron-on patch on the inside just to make sure the rips didn’t widen.

Well, the patch job itself was a success… The problem, however, is that it did not occur to me to cuff the shorts first, and THEN patch them.

Thus, there is a large white patch that oh-so-conspicuously takes up a good third of the cuff on the front of the jeans.

I am struck down, but not defeated. The following are the options I believe I have:

A) Try to remove the offending portion of the patch. I am not, however, confident that doing so would produce good results, since it is such a smashing patch job, and I’m afraid it would rip the frays right out with it and leave a gaping hole.

B) Either leave the patch as is or iron on a colored one over it, then wear the shorts confidently as if they’re meant to look that way.

C) Perform a denim graft from the chopped-off legs, which, fortunately, I saved. It wouldn’t be terribly sightly, but it seems like the least of three evils. (Four, I suppose, if you count actually shelling out $30 or so for pre-ripped shorts. The idea does not appeal to me.)

It’s a bit funny, really. I can destroy a perfectly good pair of jeans, and they’ll be trendy, but if I visibly patch them, suddenly they’ll border on unacceptable.

Hm. What a quandry.


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