Friday night thoughts

Overheard today in cubicle-land:

  • A few middle aged men talking not-so-discreetly about whether or not one of the men should introduce himself to me, since he found out I go to Biola, his alma mater. I’m not sure if they realized I could hear them.
  • Another pair of slightly older men discussing pop culture. Amusing, since they were so very off base about all of it.
  • The same men proceeding to discuss their colonoscopies. Well, then…

Dissolvable pills: I am not a fan.

I had a fantastically epic fail tonight while trying to make an English muffin sandwich. First, I didn’t grease the pan enough, so the egg got stuck. Then I burned the muffin to a crisp.

Now, I am drinking orange juice out of a wine glass. I’d say that’s enough of a win to make up for it.

Returning, after a day of office work, wearing heels and slacks, to a house that I currently have all to myself, and proceeding to do things like wash dishes and water the plants and make my own dinner, makes me feel rather adultish.

If only adulthood, like housesitting, entailed being paid to live in a fully-stocked house.

Friday night thoughts

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