Jubilate Deo!

Today was my first legitimate choir concert. We were part of a showcase that featured every single one of the conservatory’s musical groups, and between my own women’s chorus performance and overhearing some of the other performances, I was reminded of how very much I love music.

It’s incredible, really. Music, I believe firmly, has the ability to reach a part of the soul that nothing else can reach, and that part is one that should be reached. I don’t understand the mechanics of it — maybe a music major could explain how the particular arrangement of harmonies manages to convey certain emotions or idea — but music has the unique quality of not requiring comprehension of how it functions to understand its power.

It’s also incredible to me how diverse are the forms that music takes. It’s incredible how many ways we can create it, how it can express the entire spectrum of human emotion, how words aren’t necessary to music’s beauty and expression, but how when music is accompanied by words, it colors them with such a greater richness and depth.

Choir has been my sanity this semester. This is the first time I’ve been able to make my schedule accommodate those 4 hours a week. They’re 4 hours that, arguably, might be more practically spent doing homework, but I’ve refused to let my life be ruled by homework this semester. (Not to say that I’ve sworn off responsibility, but more that I’ve committed myself to being a person and not just a task-doing machine.) The other women in the chorus are incredible, and just being around people like that is reviving part of me that had, to some extent, been dead the last two years because I was so constantly consumed with my unending, unforgiving to-do lists. And when I’m singing, that’s all I’m thinking about. I’m not worrying about what else I have to do that day, or about life’s quirky roadblocks, just music. I have never gotten that opportunity before, and I think it’s meeting a need in my soul that I didn’t even realize I had.

Thank you, Father God.

All that to say… Here’s just a taste (limited by the fact that a recording on a cheap-o camera will never be the same as sitting in a music hall) of our performance tonight:

Also, just for kicks… here I am styling our oh-so-very-fashionable choir dress (truthfully, as choir dresses go, it’s one of the better ones I’ve seen, and I do feel pretty classy wearing it):

Jubilate Deo!

One thought on “Jubilate Deo!

  1. Brooke says:

    aw :) me like. Im happy for you to be able to do that, I was going to join choir next semester, or maybe even later for the christmas concert this year :) I missed music too.

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