Sometimes, life is simple

I have come to love people so much more this semester. I’ve always been fairly sociable, but for some reason, I have become particularly aware of how beautiful people really are over the last few months. My close friends, the ones I’d call my confidantes, are few, but they are the best — some of the most godly, caring, selfless, talented, funny, amazing people on the face of the earth.

Maybe part of it is that I’ve been much more intentional about spending time with people this semester. Academia still devours my life, for the most part, but I’ve come to realize that sometimes it really is better for my soul to push homework aside, sacrifice a few hours of sleep, to be around people who are worth loving. I’m learning that sometimes, I can push aside my books in favor of building relationships without feeling guilty about that.

And for the times when I do have to be practical, God has blessed me with people who are gracious enough to still be there, even when I can’t afford to spend much time with them on a regular basis.

In my planner, I actually have a list of people I want/need to spend time with, even if that’s just getting a quick dinner in the caf. This is new to me.

The friend who taught me to knit and reads my blogs.

The friend who is the most honest person I know and who refuses to let a painful past keep her from devoting her heart to God.

The friend who is both so incredibly insightful and so accidentally funny that I easily prefer talking to her over going to sleep when I probably should.

The friend who I don’t see very often, but positively exudes true compassion and care.

The friend who is genuinely excited for the happiness of others.

The friend who’s become the big brother I always wanted.

The new friend who manages to be absolutely hilarious and say things that convict me in the same breath without even trying.

The friend who is wise beyond her years and always asks how she can pray for me.

The friend whose trust in God makes me want to trust Him better, too.

The friend who knows the world beyond my comfort zone and made it real to me, and who I will cowrite a bestselling book with someday.

The friend who absolutely glows with her love for God and for others.

The friend who I can talk to about anything.

The friend who has most recently changed my life and taught me more about God and art and life in four months than I feel I’d learned in nearly 21 years.

These people are blessings from God beyond anything I deserve. Blessings like this make me realize that life is not as complicated or as dark as I sometimes think. There are things that are worth being upset about, but most of the time, what upsets us is petty when compared to how beautiful life is, because of how God is working in even the minutest of details.

Sometimes, life is simple

2 thoughts on “Sometimes, life is simple

  1. A few things:
    I don’t know how long ago you changed your blog layout because I’ve been lame about reading blogs. I like this new one. I also spent a little while scrolling up and down just to see the smear change before I even started reading.

    FIRST! In the comments, and on the list.

    This almost made me cry. I’m so glad you’re in my life and that you have people like this in your life. You are so loving and it makes me so happy. You’re probably my favorite person to run into on campus. <3

  2. someone says:

    you are so beautiful my lovely! I’m so glad I know you!! I am happy to see how God has blessed you with great friends, and how you give praise right back at Him!! He must be grinning from ear to ear, ready to bless you even more! (but if not, which I doubt, I’ll keep asking him to bless you anyway :P)

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