On checking out embarrassing books

I’m writing a paper this weekend on how media has influenced our culture’s definition of womanhood — specifically, how it’s come to equate “being a woman” with “being sexy.” I’ve downloaded and bookmarked a number of articles and e-books with eyebrow-raising titles, but the worst, by far, is a book that I got from our campus library entitled The Sexually Aggressive Woman.

1. I’m mildly amazed that such a book is even owned by my private, conservative Christian university.

2. Part of me wants to sit down and read that book in public just to see the looks I’d get.

On checking out embarrassing books

3 thoughts on “On checking out embarrassing books

  1. Mark Harbison says:

    Please check it out and go sit in Starbucks in read it. Please please please.

    Also, please have your copy of The Oresteia on the table in front of you.

  2. Chantelle Bliss says:

    Unfortunately Mark, the average person has no idea what The Oresteia is about. But yes, please do it. And have a bunch of other girls there also reading books with promiscuous titles. I volunteer myself. =D

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