I love my roommate

My soul craves good talks with good friends. I never fully realize how much until after having had one such conversation. Last night, my roommate and another friend and I talked until 2:30 a.m., and even though Hannah and I had good intentions of going to bed after Kenzie left, our conversation continued for another four hours.

We talked about families, friends, our life stories, her missions trips, freedom, love, God’s will, Christ’s ministry, happiness, marriage, skiing, school, rain (because it started raining, which rarely happens here — we braved the cold to catch a few drops from the stairwell), and everything else but the kitchen sink.

We’re both dead tired now, but I believe without hesitation that those kinds of soul-enriching talks are so worth it, particularly when they inspire even more admiration and respect for the people with whom the conversation happens.

It’s nearly Thanksgiving, and today I am thankful for open, sincere, amazing, godly friends.

I love my roommate

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