Tumblr confuses me

…and yet that’s where everyone seems to be migrating.


Stay on Blogger or WordPress where I can follow you without having to make a new account!

No, but seriously. What does Tumblr have to offer that’s so much greater to draw everyone there?

Tumblr confuses me

4 thoughts on “Tumblr confuses me

  1. You can still follow tumblr accounts on blogger… not sure about wordpress. I just hate that you can’t comment on things.

    It seems to me that tumblr is usually used mostly by people who like sharing pictures, videos, and quotes.

  2. My impression is that tumblr attracts more “artsy” blogs and less “wordy” blogs, but I’m sure that’s not entirely the case. I just know more photographers who use tumblr to post their photos than I do writers who just write on tumblr. It may also be more customizable, in terms of format, but again, I’m no expert.

    My advice: stick with what you know. Better to solidify your WordPress presence than to keep hopping from blog to blog.

  3. jamesrg says:

    You can follow anything with WordPress. Just take the URL and it follows the RSS feed. That’s why WordPress’s the best.
    You can also use google reader. I mean, they’re taking over the world anyways so why not take over your blogs?

  4. Vanessa says:

    Yeah, I started a Tumblr so that I could post the shorter things, like photo-of-the-day, videos I wanted to share, or short random thoughts. And then I use my other blog for my longer, more substantial posts.

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