momspk is like lolspeak in that it uses odd abbreviations or spellings for words that most people would not abbreviate or spell that way. It is primarily demonstrated via texts, and occasionally through email or instant messaging as well. The greater the hurry or intensity of multitasking of the sender, the more code-like momspk is likely to be.


  • FU = follow-up (After receiving that text: “Mom, ‘eff you’? Please don’t ever use that as an abbreviation again…”)
  • ckd = checked
  • ooptys = opportunities

More to come…


4 thoughts on “momspk

  1. Vanessa says:

    haha my mom, and my aunt, BOTH use “10q”. I once got a text from my mom that said that after she asked me to get something from the store. “Uhh, mom, is that how much you want me to get?” “No! 10Q means thank you!”

    I’ve also gotten “FO” for financial aid office.

  2. Linda Cummings says:

    A certain administrator sent an email out this spring to the staff with the subject line “Uniform F/U”. We teachers were rather confused (wow, he is REALLY upset about uniforms) until I figured out that he meant “follow up”!

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