I’ve been amusing myself for the last several minutes by clicking on “random post” under the “blog info” tab, which provided me with a tour of old posts. One of those old posts was written in March of last year about changes I wanted to make in my daily habits. Those resolutions included…

“I will not procrastinate on homework.

I will either jog or do some kind of exercises for half an hour a day.

In addition to my regular reading before I go to bed, I’ll read a chapter of Psalms every morning.

I will minimize my junk food consumption.

I will eat healthier in general.

I will continue my one-hour-per-week-weekends-only rule on Facebook.

I will go to bed by 12:30am during the week.

I will read at least one chapter from C.S. Lewis per week.

I will, at least, scan the headlines of 3 major news sources every day.”

I think I might have succeeded in adhering to those for one week, even though I also decorated the wall on my side of the room with sticky notes reminding me of those things.

I think it’s time to give those another try — with some amendments, though. This semester, I will:

  1. Read Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening faithfully
  2. Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night unless homework (not procrastination) prevents me from doing so
  3. Give myself an hour every day between waking up and having to be somewhere, rather than sleeping until the very last possible second.
  4. Remember to go to chapel earlier than halfway through the semester
  5. Work out at least three times per week.
  6. Not procrastinate
  7. Limit myself to one hour on the internet per day for things that aren’t school-related, no more than 10 minutes of which may be spent prior to doing homework.
  8. Read at least one chapter of something by C.S. Lewis or any other non-school reading every week
  9. Do better with keeping up on current events
  10. Learn to play my ukulele
  11. Write more — especially songwriting or even trying to take up fiction again

It’s a long list… but I really have no excuse for letting any of them slide. Here’s hoping attempt number two is more successful than the last one!


2 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Your Roomie says:

    I like the “work out at least 30 min every day.” Haha and the limit the junk food and eat healthier. Why haven’t you continued those one??!! haha

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