Summer conundrum

If I spend the summer in Colorado Springs, I’ll have a free place to live, an available car that only costs me gas money, a steady job to return to, most likely a camera to borrow for my online photo class… but probably no internship.

If I spend the summer in California, I’m more likely to get an internship and I have two potential places where I can crash, but the possibility of being able to borrow a camera from someone is slimmer, and the only way I can get a car is if I’m able to either buy one at the beginning of the summer or make ridiculous monthly payments on a rental, which of course depends on my having either an internship that pays enough to do so or a job that I can juggle in addition to an unpaid internship.

On most counts, going home to the Springs looks like the better option. The internship thing is huge, though. Colorado Springs isn’t exactly the editorial/writing internship capital of the country, so my opportunities are extremely sparse. If I don’t snag an internship for the summer, it’s still possible that I could have one during the fall semester, but it would need to be paid (I’m good at stretching myself thin, but 18 units AND a job or two AND an internship on top of that would just be asking for a mental breakdown), and I’d also need to either consistently be able to borrow a car or have one of my own. If I’m unfortunate enough to wind up internshipless both during the summer and the fall, then I can’t walk in the December graduation.

After working myself so hard every single semester I’ve been here, being prevented from graduating in the fall because of one outstanding unit of internship credit would be all kinds of disappointing.


Summer conundrum

One thought on “Summer conundrum

  1. Exhaust all of your options. Maybe someone at church would be willing to let you stay in their spare bedroom for the summer; maybe somebody even has a car they would be willing to lend you, you never know.

    Ask around or post something on Bubbs (or whatever it’s called at Biola these days) to see if other students are looking for summer housemates; maybe you could split the rent somewhere for an affordable price.

    Keep checking to see if something opens up at home.

    And, of course, trust that God will take care of you. He knows your needs.

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