On Thursday, two people who I highly respect told me things that were very meaningful to me.

The first person was my boss at the job I’ve worked since my freshman fall. “You’ve really grown up a lot in the last three years,” he said. I’ve been feeling that recently, but it was very encouraging to hear it from someone older and wiser who’s been fairly involved in my life.

The second thing came from one of the professors in my honors program — a graduate of the program who went on to get a law degree, then left her successful practice in D.C. to teach here. Whereas my boss remarked on how I have already changed, she gave me a profound insight into an area where I’m still growing.

“Your problem is that you won’t let yourself just be in a situation,” she told me. “You’re so worried about ‘I should be this way,’ or ‘I shouldn’t be like that,’ when sometimes you need to just be Bethany, rather than being ‘not that person.'”

I’m so inexpressibly thankful for people like this.


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