My speech is, at intervals, so slurry and incoherent that you couldn’t tell me from a drunk.

There might be more Full Throttle than blood in my body right now.

I got a rejection email and I felt something that was either happiness or apathy about it — neither of which would be my emotional responses on a normal day.

The world seems fast-paced and vivid, while I waffle between jittery and sluggish.

Sleep would be awesome right now. I, however, am too caffeinated (I had to get through my 3-hour class somehow) and too in need of reading Anna Karenina to do that anytime soon.

How I feel right now is not anything I’ve ever experienced before, and I wouldn’t even know how to describe it. I think I’ve officially beaten my previous high score in the game of exhaustion by tenfold. At this rate, I suspect life is going to be interesting for awhile.


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