The little ones growing up

The funny thing about college is that siblings grow up in between the times that you’re home, and they grow up a lot. Added up over the almost-three years since I first set out for California, I’ve only spent a few months with my siblings, and so it feels like they should only change as much as they would in the space of a few months.

I didn’t really notice it the first few times I came home — they were still the same goofy children who got on my nerves in the same way they always did. My most recent visits, however, it’s caught me by surprise how they all suddenly became… well, pretty cool.

They’ve become more independent. They ask good, mature questions. They have crushes. They’re poised. They’re smart. They’re leaders. They’re fun to talk to. They’re in college, college-bound, or college-searching. One’s an accomplished musician, another a fearless athlete, another won her college’s Best Actress award, another is now solo flying airplanes. They’re all taller than me, and my sisters have become gorgeous while my brothers are studs who can rock JROTC uniforms.

I’m not sure how or when it started happening, but they’re becoming less and less the adorable-but-sometimes-annoying little kids and becoming more young adults whom I’m glowingly proud of and whom I can count among my best friends.

The little ones growing up

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