Slowing down

After the hellishness that was last week, this week was an incredible reprieve — one of the most relaxing weeks I have ever had in my college career, actually.

I had time to, instead of rushing to finish homework between classes, just sit and watch people passing by for a few minutes.

I had time to go to a lovely park with old houses and big trees with Mark and swing.

Tonight, I have time with the room to myself to listen to my favorite choral music and bawl my eyes out as much as I want at the overwhelming beauty.

I need this. I need more of this.

[Warning: don’t watch these without being prepared to cry. And if you don’t at least feel choked up, I’m not convinced you have a soul.]

Slowing down

6 thoughts on “Slowing down

  1. My comment sent too soon. I really didn’t think I would get so emotional and intrigued with those videos, but the truth is, I was transfixed by the beauty my ears captured. I certainly felt choked up at a point. THANK YOU for sharing such beauty!

  2. I’m an aspiring writer, and I stumbled upon your blog via Facebook. One of my best friends in the world, whose taste is impeccable, reposted an entry of yours. I’m so glad she did! Traipsing through older entries for more and more inspiration (thank you, by the way), I found this entry and it hit home! I am a singer, and this song was sung by our Chorale back in high school. I have a recording and listen to it ALL the time. Other great Whitacre pieces include: Sleep, Leonardo’s Flying Machine, Lux Arumque, and With a Lily in Your Hand. SO beautiful! Anywoooo . . . I adore your writing, sometimes try too hard to be like you, and have to take a step back and find my own voice. If you ever feel like giving some advice, I’d die out of excitement. :)

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