I was trying to make a header for my newest blog tonight so I didn’t have to use a WordPress default, but I had two problems. First, I needed whatever I created to be the right size (780 x 120 pixels) so it wouldn’t get distorted, and that’s just an odd size. Secondly, I don’t have Photoshop. I refused to be defeated by those things, however, so I invented my own header-creating method.

First I found a collection of images I wanted to use. Next, I took a screenshot of some generic white space on the blog and resized it to be 780 x 120 in Picnik, then saved that and dragged it into a Word document.

In order to be able to actually see the size of my white box, I changed the background of the entire Word document to yellow. Then I dragged all my pictures into the document, formatted them so I could layer them on top of the box rather than pushing it out of the way, resized them, and dragged them onto the box.

Finally, I took a screenshot of the box, uploaded it, and voila! It’s nothing fancy, but it works quite nicely.

Yes, I think I have to admit I’m a little proud of myself.


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