It’s funny how easy it is to make an enemy of someone who barely knows you exist — to feel they stole something from you, something you wanted badly, but knew you could never have anyway, even as you knew they didn’t mean to, they weren’t trying to, they didn’t even know that you’d feel hurt, they didn’t even know you wanted it. And it’s so easy to feel like less, even though you know that you’re the only one putting yourself there. And it’s so hard not to say if only I had been less awkward, if only I had invested more time, if only I had been smarter or at least more thoughtful, if only — and so hard not to wonder if you ever even had a chance in the first place.

I promised myself only a few days ago that I would not let myself be weighted down with regrets.

It’s funny how quickly God puts your resolutions to the test, how He keeps you from being lured into thinking it’s a resolution you can keep without His grace.

His grace is sufficient for me, His power is made perfect in my very great weakness.

I sound like a broken record, but it’s the truest thing I have to say in moments both of joy and of brokenness.


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