Loving fearlessly

It’s easy to love the likable people, and I think it’s even easy to pity the unlovable people once we get over feeling annoyed or angry or hurt by them.

Actually loving the people who hurt themselves or hurt us or hurt others or simply refuse to be loved is not only difficult, but terrifying.

It’s easy to see someone self-destructing and pray earnestly from afar that God will carry their burdens. It’s terrifying to face them and say “I love you and I will not leave” and to mean it, and to know that even your best love is powerless to save them. In doing so we essentially tell them, “Whatever you’re carrying, however horrible or ugly painful, I will carry it with you. I will share your pain.”

It’s easy to beg God to free someone, but terrifying to offer ourselves as a means of helping set someone free if He chooses.

It’s easy to tell ourselves and those close to us that we forgive someone, but terrifying to confront the person who hurt us or who hurt someone we love and tell them, “I forgive you. You never asked for it and don’t deserve it, but I forgive you.”

It’s easy to be nice to the kid who has a disability or is just plain awkward, but terrifying to actually become their friend.

It’s easy to say “I love you” to someone who’s guaranteed to reciprocate, but terrifying to say it to someone who might laugh in our face or reject us or simply not care.

If God loved only the likable people, we’d all be in trouble. If He chooses to love us, who are we to withhold love from the difficult people simply because we’re scared?

This isn’t a sermon. I’m still very much in the slow and painful process of learning to love.

We’re meant to love fearlessly.

Loving fearlessly

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