To put it simply

Three things life is not about:

1. Falling in love and getting married.

2. Having a successful career.

3. Being happy.

Three things life is about

1. Loving God and loving all people unconditionally.

2. Using well the talents and opportunities God provies.

3. Being content — sometimes happily, sometimes by saying “it is well with my soul.”

To put it simply

2 thoughts on “To put it simply

  1. petersdavis says:

    Falling in love, getting married, and being happy is tempting though. It is just as tempting as getting drunk, sleeping with prostitutes, and being miserable.

    It’s hard. Who taught you that life isn’t about being happy? or are you like Abraham who figured it out just by looking around and seeing what was right.

    Is it my choice to give up on dreams and dissipation? It is hard to love god while he is crushes your heart, like loving your dentist while he is drilling your molars.

    Anyway–it’s an interesting post. I am thinking about becoming a monk. :-(
    It is not very tempting anyway.

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