This is why I don’t work out

My body basically has the flexibility of a brick, and all my bones seem to get in each other’s way. (My hip bones, for example, jut out awkwardly far and pull a “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” on my legs whenever I try to pull my knees to my chest.)

Doing standard exercises, therefore, is all but impossible for me.

This is why I don’t work out

8 thoughts on “This is why I don’t work out

  1. Cindy Bohli-Nelson says:

    My body is horribly inflexible as well! Even when I was young & slender, & taking a modern dance class my body just would not bend the way I wanted it to.
    I am also getting started in Yoga. Very slowly & not very gracefully!

  2. John says:

    First, congratulations on graduating from college. I like to see that in people.
    Second, I also am as inflexible as a brick. I am about 50 years old and have started working on my flexibility. The way I do this is thru a Martial Art called Tang Soo Do (pronounced Tung Sue Doe). If you wear a white belt people don’t laugh when you make mistakes and are not very good. You will be amazed how quickly your flexibility will bet better and you will be gaining a great deal of knowledge in self defense.


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