To the thousands of you who have stumbled upon this little blog

Today, I think I learned a valuable lesson: If you notice that one of your posts has gone viral, you should hope that your blog has a lot of other great content to keep people following.

Sadly, this blog consists mainly of my random musings, although I’ll occasionally share things that either inspire me or make me laugh. Now that I’ve suddenly gotten an influx of visitors, though, I may just see about trying to do a little renovation. I’m not nearly as clever as the list of 56 similes that brought most of you here, but if you took the time to poke around and if you discovered anything witty or thoughtful or interesting enough to entice you to follow me, I’m completely open to suggestions about what else you might like to read. If I can’t write it myself, I can probably find someone who has. Any thoughts? Please comment!

By the way, let me introduce myself: I’m Bethany. I’m 22 years old (though I’m often told that I look 17, to my dismay), and in 15 days I will be a college graduate armed with a journalism degree. I believe that good writing is a nearly-lost art worth preserving, and I am in love with copy editing. I like to think that I’m a pretty genuine blogger, so you can probably figure out a lot more about me by exploring my posts.

[Shameless plug] You might also enjoy a group blog I started — Beautiful Everyday Things.

Whether you just checked out one post to get a laugh, or whether you decide to stay, I thank you for dropping by!

To the thousands of you who have stumbled upon this little blog

13 thoughts on “To the thousands of you who have stumbled upon this little blog

  1. You’re 22 but look 17? Be glad. When you young we wish we older and when we old we wish we younger, ironic hey. I’m a 23 year old guy and I get told I look 18, many still ask me what grade I’m in (school). But I’m happy, when I’m 40 I should look 30, right? HaHa, keep blogging! jules

  2. A friend of mine linked to the aforementioned post, and even though I’d read many of those simile’s before, I took another gander. I’m glad I did. It led me to the rest of your writings, and I hope many of the others also stayed long enough to read the insight of “The cool people” and the nakedness of “Learning truth.” Perhaps it’s more than a little creepy, but I’m going to keep this window open and look to future writings…And now that I think of it, using a window as metaphor was a poor choice after using the work “naked.” How awkward.

  3. Hi Bethany, I came across your blog the same way that the other hordes of people did this week… through your viral post.

    I don’t have anything uber clever to add… except kudos on having a viral post. :) You have been blessed.

  4. Personally, I knew I would be keeping this “naked window” open when I read your Nov 5th post of workout comparisons. LOVED it, and I could totally relate. I don’t expect you to entertain me 100% of the time, because it is YOUR blog, and your personal musings, and sometimes we may not see eye to eye on all topics. However, solid writing combined with a sense of humor is always always always appreciated! Keep laughing, girlie!

  5. So right after I make a lame ‘hovering like a hovercraft’ joke to a friend, I stumbled over, well, The 56 Similes Post. (It must go in all caps!) I had the time of my life laughing over the collective imagination at work! This is like a very, very good TEDTalk.

    (Oh, OK. I didn’t deliberately come up with that!)


  6. Paul says:

    I found your blog because of the 56 similes (which I enjoyed very much). But I stayed and poked around a bit. I enjoy your writing, and perhaps I’ll have a chance to comment again. And congrats on earning the degree. It’s been nearly 30 years since I earned my last degree. I never regretted it.

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