New Year’s resolutions

This is a bit belated, of course, and normally I don’t even think to make resolutions. But with 2012 came the closing of the academic chapter of my life, and the opening of the chapter titled Twentysomething Working Adult, and it seemed an appropriate time to give myself a brand new to-do list.

  • Get in shape. I no longer have homework, and since I’m a copy editor, work will never follow me out of the newsroom. Therefore, “I don’t have time” is no longer an excuse.
  • Read for fun. I’m already making very good progress on this one, thanks to the Hunger Games series reminding me of my love for reading after college burned me out.
  • Blog two or three times per week, so that my writing skills don’t get rusty and to keep my thinking sharp.
  • Be more European. The Sartorialist mentioned that a big reason why so many Europeans are so slender is because they eat small portions and they walk everywhere. Since I’m now living in Santa Barbara instead of L.A., walking is much more feasible, and while I do not have enough extra blubber to convince me to start full-on dieting, practicing more self-restraint would do me good. That will also save me a lot of money, since food is my greatest financial weakness after shoes.
  • Be more financially responsible. That is, actually budget and keep track of exactly what I spend. I suspect necessity will be a big help in this area, since my job pays enough for me to support myself, but without much left over for luxuries. It’s going to be very… character-building, though, because I have to drive past my four favorite stores literally every day on the way to work.
  • [Cue irony] Stop turning life into a to-do list. Be spontaneous and relearn, after six or so years of constant stress, how to just relax — or, as my friend Sarah put it, to enjoy having nowhere to go and all day to get there.
New Year’s resolutions

4 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions

  1. It’s a good list. I like the one about being more European :) Tall person is English and he is slim! And yes, relax. It’s good sometimes to sit quietly and just listen and feel what is around you. It is very calming.

  2. I like your blog; I’m glad you’re back at it.

    One of the most useful tactics we’ve found when it comes to being financially responsible is to make a menu before you go grocery shopping. Plan out all of your meals for the week so you know exactly what you’re getting before you walk into the store; that way you’re not randomly picking things just because they strike your fancy. You probably already know this, but buying groceries and making your own meals is always cheaper than eating out (unless you’re making fresh lobster every night), so even if it feels like a lot of money, remember that you’re making an investment to save money in the long run.

    Also, about intentional relaxation, I just read an article on Adbusters about how spending time in nature (going for a walk in a park, getting away from busy city centers, etc.) totally reboots your brain by sharpening memory and overall attentiveness. The same study also found that even just looking at pictures of natural scenes can have the same effect (although I’d prefer a walk in a park to staring at a photo if I had the choice).

  3. Oh, and we also use to keep track of our monthly spending. You have to update it regularly as sometimes it will file charges away into the wrong category, but it’s been generally helpful as a way to organize all of our spending and see where we need to cut back.

  4. I’ve heard February is when resolutions either die or grow chest hair. At least, that’s how it seems to work in Ohio. Here’s hoping that relaxation managed to stick around, and if not, Barbasol is really cheap.

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