So this happened

Tonight on my dinner break, I was wandering around downtown, as I usually do.

As I neared one of the theaters, I noticed the block in front of it had been barricaded off, and a crowd of people lined a row of gates. Inside those gates was a backdrop and a cluster of photographers.

I had completely forgotten it’s film festival week.

The marquee above the theater boldly proclaimed “Montecito Award: Daniel Day-Lewis.”

I found my way to a gap at the edge of the gates, and there, indeed, not 10 feet away, stood Danny Flynn/Daniel Plainview/Abraham Lincoln himself, looking every bit as classy-yet-slightly-edgy in person as in pictures.

Sadly, I was too taken by surprise to think to get a picture of my own before he was ushered away.

But I can now say, “Oh, I was taking a stroll on my break and happened upon Daniel Day-Lewis walking a red carpet.”

So this happened

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