Something new

I have continued to struggle with writing complete posts consistently. This is mainly due to my own insecurities, the origins of which I’m still trying to figure out. Until I’m able to do that and confront whatever is making me hold myself back, I’m going to change my approach a bit, to spare myself the self-imposed guilt of not writing more regularly.

For Christmas, I got a new Moleskine that has gone with me everywhere. In it, I’ve been jotting down short notes on any and every topic that happens to pop into my head. I’m going to start posting these, in hopes that maybe I’ll inspire myself to turn them into more developed thought projects and consequently more detailed posts later. I’ll file these under a new category titled “Little thoughts.”

I will greatly welcome comments on these posts; feedback and discussion are my greatest tools when it comes to shaping my ideas.

Here’s to experiments!

Something new

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